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23 proofs that books make us better.

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We all often hear that reading is beneficial and that we need to read systematically. But when we have to go through difficult times in life, when anxiety and excitement fill our minds, it seems that it is not at all leisure to read books. And here is just a mistake, not that it is appropriate to read in such situations, but even needs to be read. This is a kind of therapeutic activity that will allow you to better cope with all adversity, and will provide additional experience in development. Here are some studies from academics that show you which specific skills improve as we read. Now spending time with a book will be even more willing.

1. Reading reduces stress.

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Prefer to go for a walk or listen to music to relieve stress? Scientists at the University of Sussex think you should read a book instead. Reading has been found to be the most effective way to reduce stress. Just 6 minutes of reading reduces stress levels by more than two-thirds.


2. Reading will help get rid of insomnia.


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Reading is one of the most effective ways to calm down and tune in to sleep. The bright light from a TV or phone sends a signal to the brain that it is time to wake up. Reading a book with dim lighting has the opposite effect - the brain knows it's time to rest.

3. Reading makes you more empathetic.


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While reading, you probably empathize with the characters in the book. Research shows that by being imbued with a work of art, a person learns empathy and emotional understanding of another person in real life.


4. Reading improves brain functioning.


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Scientists from Emory University have shown that after reading a book, a person's level of intelligence increases slightly for several days. The study authors argue that reading increases the number of neural connections in the human brain at the physiological level.


5. Self-study books help fight depression.

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Self-study reading is an effective treatment for depression, according to a Scottish study. Patients who were offered these books showed lower levels of depression a year later than patients who received routine care from their general practitioner.


6. Reading makes you more attractive.

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A high intellectual level makes you more attractive to people. The ability to keep up a conversation on any topic and show off your erudition when meeting each other gives you more chances that a person will give preference to you.


7. Reading helps to identify with life goals and cope with difficulties.

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Scientists from Ohio State University have found that the more a person reads, the more he identifies with the characters in the book, transferring their behavior patterns into his own life. This is how a book can help you meet the love of your life, overcome obstacles, or simply follow a good example.


8. People who read are more socially active.

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Research by the National Endowment for the Arts has shown that readers are more involved in cultural and social organizations and communities.

9. Reading improves memory and thinking skills.

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Whenever you read, you train your brain. Each time he creates new connections to save the information received. Studies have found that people who read or write constantly have a much slower decrease in mental activity than those who rarely put such stress on the brain.


10. Reading expands vocabulary.

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When you read, you come across words that are not usually used in everyday speech. If a word is unfamiliar, it is not necessary to look for it in the dictionary. Sometimes the meaning can be understood from the general content. Reading not only helps in increasing vocabulary, but also improves overall literacy.

11. Reading develops your writing skills.

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While reading, you accidentally adopt the style and manner of writing of the author of the book. Just as listening to music can affect the style of a musician, so the writer affects the writing ability of the person who reads his work.


12. Reading people are often more developed physically.

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Research shows that people who read are more likely to exercise more than those who rarely read. At the same time, they spend more time in the gym and work out the exercises better.


13. Reading helps to be more open.

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This view is supported by a study published in the Creativity Research Journal: literature opens the mind to new ideas. Moreover, people who had just read a short story needed less privacy.


14. Reading makes learning foreign languages easier.

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Regular reading makes it easier to understand and memorize new material, especially when learning a new language.


15. Reading develops listening skills.


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Ironically, reading improves listening skills by making vocabulary and grammar easier to understand. This is especially evident when you read aloud.


16. Reading develops creativity.

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When educators at Obafemi Avolau University incorporated themed comics into the elementary school curriculum, they noticed that the mixture of pictures and words enhanced children's creativity. Books also work for adults.


17. Reading can prevent Alzheimer's disease.

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Various studies have shown that reading makes people less susceptible to Alzheimer's. The brain, like any other organ, needs support and strengthening through exercise. And reading is the perfect way.


18. Reading together improves the relationship between parents and their children.


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Psychologists believe that during joint reading, a special bond is established between parents and children, which would never have arisen with joint viewing of TV or other similar entertainments.


19. Reading helps you cope with financial difficulties.


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According to statistics, 43% of adults with low reading skills live in poverty. Among readers with a high literacy rate, there are only 4% of them.


20. Children who read books are much better at school.


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Research has shown that children who read a lot and have fun doing it much better at school. At the same time, they achieve success not only in grammar, but also in mathematics.


21. Reading helps rehabilitate criminals.

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One study found that prisoners who took literacy courses behind bars were 30% less likely to commit crimes after release.


22. Reading makes you a good storyteller.


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The more other people's stories you read, the better you will tell your own. You will learn how to filter out unnecessary information and better present the necessary information. The more exciting your stories are, the more interesting you will seem to others, the more convincing your words will be for them.


23. Reading encourages you to make the world around you better.


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Active readers are three times more likely to be involved in charity and volunteer activities. Reading encourages us to empathize with those who feel bad and to lend a helping hand to such people.

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