Best eBook reader for Israel

Posted by Alex 10/02/2022 0 Comment(s)
What is the best e-book reader in 2022 for Hebrew and English and how to choose it correctly? It is not difficult to answer this question if you catch the general trend in the development of E-Ink readers and in what direction this technology will move and develop further.
 By 2022, a solid selection of popular e-books has crept up. Each of these books is sure to have its own corporate identity, they all have good advertising, excellent recommendations from sellers, price tags backed by bonus offers and obsequious warranty service. As a result, the choice - which book to take, becomes noticeably more complicated every year. The increased alternative of the market does not allow to see a clear fairway of its need. Someone simply does not like anything new, is attached to the old and the forced time has come to buy. And someone got lost in the choice of new products, his purchase turned into a protracted torment. Usually the first evaluation criterion comes to the rescue in this situation - “tested by time”. This criterion may not always be an objective assistant in the choice, but when the buyer is in doubt, this approach comes to mind very first.

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