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Today is World Book Day 2019, which is a day to celebrate everything about books! Help your child become a reader early.

Posted by John 23/04/2019 0 Comment(s)

The date April 23 - symbolic for world literature - was the reason for the establishment of World Book and Copyright Day (World Book and Copyright Day) also celebrated in Israel.

Thanks to the book we get access not only to knowledge but also ideas, spiritual and moral values, to the understanding of beauty and creative achievements of a person. The carrier of information, the basis of education and creativity, the book allows each culture to tell about itself, introduces the customs and traditions of different nations.

The book is a window into the world of cultural diversity, it is a bridge connecting different civilizations in time and space.

Celebrating World Book and Copyright Day, we should all pay special attention to the important role of the book in preserving and enhancing the culture of each state. After all, the book is the best assistant in our common efforts to protect and enrich the cultural heritage of humanity especially in Israel.

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