BOOX Firmware with upgraded full Hebrew support is coming soon exclusively to ROKA customers

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BOOX Firmware with upgraded full Hebrew support is coming soon exclusively to ROKA customers


We are proud to inform our customers, that we have finished the translation of the User Interface for BOOX Readers, and we happy to offer it exclusively to our customers within 2 weeks. Firstly, the upgrade will be available for the models BOOX NOVA2, NOTE2, MAX3 purchased in Israel from the official distributor ROKA.

Please do not update to the 2.3 version. We will provide you 2.2.2 Firmware version manually. It contains all new features of 2.3 with additional Hebrew support.


Below is a list of all the changes and additions to the new firmware.

Neo Reader

1. Add Reading Statistics.

2. Add Scroll Reading mode to PDF books.

3. Add a Floating Toolbar that can be expandable and contractible to the screen edge.

4. Add a new highlight option that can completely cover up the original text.

5. Add a new function that handwritten notes of PDF books can be editable even when transferred to another BOOX device.

6. Add “Jump to page number“ to the Table of Content.

7. Fix an issue in highlight where the same text may be highlighted repeatedly.

8. Fix an issue in dictionaries where the dictionaries’ customized order is not correct when pop-up dictionaries are activated.

9. Add more target languages to Instant Translation.

10. Optimize PDF background color filtering.

11. Optimize embedded data of PDF and make it compatible with more third parties apps ( WPS, PDF software on Linux).

12. Improve the accuracy of word selection for English words with a hyphen in between.

13. Optimize the size of the original subscript of all documents.



14. Add Sync to Cloud through Onyx account (PDF templates sync is not supported currently).

15. Add new tab “Recent Notes”.

16. Lasso tool supports selecting the full page of the current screen.

17. Strokes and inserted text can change color after being selected.

18. The designated shapes are searchable from the handwritten notes. 

19. Fix an issue where the screen becomes frozen when the eraser is in use.

20. Fix an issue where there is always a reminder when the zooming feature is off.

21. Fix an issue where the inserted images disappear when the original image is deleted,

22. Fix an issue where password protected Notepads still could be deleted.



23. Add System Fonts Size setting and 4 sizes are available.

24. Feedback supports Instant Message, sending attachments, checking feedback history and replying IM from the device directly. 

25. Add Display Style Setting (Fan-shaped, Vertical and Horizontal Styles) and more custom options to Navigation Ball.

26. Books can be protected by Password (bookshelf can not be encrypted at the moment).

27. Address an issue in sorting when the document’s names include numbers.

28. Fix an issue where some devices may not be able to open the Chinese bookshop.

29. Fix an issue where Bluetooth earphone volume becomes reset after the device has restarted.

30. Resolve an issue in the Notification Push (download and delete on click).

31. Fix an issues in the hollow text of the app.

32. Fix the issue of restarting after using the second screen for a long time.

33. Fix other bugs and optimize the UI.

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