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Ebook Readers with BIG Screens

Posted by John 11/10/2018 0 Comment(s)

A standard e-book reader with a screen size of 6 " inches fets well for reading regular books. But what to do when you need to work with large PDF and DJVU files, with graphics, formulas or a scan of an old book? E-book Readers with a screen 9.7", 10.3" and even 13.3" inches can be a good solution.


ONYX company is the leader among manufacturers of e-books with large screens! 




The new model of the electronic book reader ONYX BOOX MAX 2 with 13.3″ High-resolution E Ink Mobius™ flexible display Sharper and clearer.



This e-book reader has the largest 13.3" screen made by e-ink Mobius technology. The screen is flexible, made of special plastic, unlike the standard e-ink fragile glass screens. Perfect size for reading PDF books, no zooming, and scrolling. Glare-free, readable directly in sunlight!


Larger than iPad Pro screen, Max2 screen can be used as a second monitor via HDMI port. No hassling to install any software. One single tap will help you to sync your computer screen to Max2 screen. Treat yourself with some luxurious break from your computer screen that causes you digital eye strain. 




BOOX NOTE‘s display is 200% larger than that of the regular 6“ E Ink eReaders. It allows you to read more text on one screen and reduce the frequencies to turn pages. With rich reading features of BOOX eReaders, Note can make your reading more enjoyable



BOOX NOTE - your professional digital paper-like notepad!

BOOX NOTE adopts Wacom creative pen technology, which offers the most natural pen-to-paper experience. Write, sketch, jot down your ideas any time and anywhere. Do not worry about running out of pages with 32 GB internal storage. No lagging, just like writing on the paper. Dual touch technology (finger touch + stylus touch) helps you manage your Note easier and simpler. Wacom 4096 levels pressure sensitivity gives you superior control in writing, drawing and sketching, just like on real paper.





NOTE S has 9.7" e-ink Carta screen and can display 155% more contents than the normal 6-inch E-book readers. It has no glare and is readable even directly in the sunlight.



NOTE S - Professional E-book reader, especially perfect for reading PDF books. Also has a dual touch, the ability to take notes and drawings.

This model of e-books with a large screen is the most budget solution. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a 4-core processor, which will allow working without lags with large PDF files.

If you have any questions in choosing an e-book with a large screen, you are always welcome to contact us. Always happy to help!

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