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Electronic books in Israel in Russian

Posted by John 16/02/2019 0 Comment(s)

Electronic books in Israel in Russian

The book is the best gift. We have absorbed this saying with mother's milk, and it is still relevant. Unfortunately, in Israel, the choice of books in Russian is very limited, it is often very difficult to find a book of interest, and prices sometimes make you think several times before putting out dozens, and sometimes hundreds of shekels, for the opportunity to enjoy the desired work. Many works are available on the Internet, but reading from the screen of a computer or tablet is not always convenient, especially when it comes to long reading.
Of course, nothing can replace a paper book, but a special device for reading with the screen electronic ink e-ink is certainly the closest option.

Moreover, many reading lovers, especially in technological Israel, have long preferred e-books instead of paper counterparts. Why is it asked, a book in a beautiful binding, occupying extra space in a rented apartment, if its electronic version has long been in free access on the Internet?
And not only the collection of works by one author, but a huge number of books, ready to compete in volume with world-famous libraries that occupy buildings on several floors.

What type of display is preferred

Some e-books are made using LCD technology, similar to tablets and phones, which are, in the first approximation, a flashlight shining into your eyes through a cut out stencil of letters. At the same time there is a tremendous load on the eyes.

The rest of the e-books are made using the E-lnk technology, otherwise called electronic ink. With this technology, the characters displayed on the screen have no backlighting from below. The text displayed on the display, with almost one hundred percent accuracy, is reproduced as book pages or columns of newspapers. In addition, this technology is very economical to battery consumption. You can safely go on vacation without a charger!

For fun, try an experiment that requires 2 sheets of white cardboard, a black marker, a flashlight, and a paper knife. Write a word on one of the sheets of cardboard, cut it out on the other, and, having painted the lens of the flashlight black, place it under the cut out letters. Looking at a minute on each of the sheets, you immediately determine which of the technologies is more careful to view.

What else to look for when choosing an e-book in Israel?

Manufacturers have released a huge number of different models of electronic books, slightly differing in their characteristics. Some of the most popular models from the American giant Amazon Kindle have won their consumers with ease of use and high quality, but are limited in format support. Electronic books from PocketBook and ONYX companies are focused on the European market, therefore they are more flexible in supporting languages and formats of electronic books, the same concerns support for Hebrew and Arabic languages. In recent years, more and more books are available for download and purchase in Hebrew.

Therefore, when choosing, one should pay attention to such factors as:

- Convenience of reading (the ability to select the font type, line spacing, margins, letter size).

- Compactness - the e-book implies mobility, so you should choose the overall dimensions of the device, taking into account daily movements. Standard 6 "- the size of a pocket detective in soft binding. But there are models with 8 ”, 9.7”, 10.3 ”and even 13.3” screens for architects and musicians who use these devices in their professional activities.

- The amount of internal memory. On average, an e-book occupies 1 mb of memory, so for 1 GB we can record about a thousand books. Modern models like the Kindle Paperwhite or ONYX BOOX POKE come with 8 or even 16 GB of memory.

- The number of formats recognized by the book: TXT, FB2, RTF, DjVu, DOC, PDF - the longer the list, the more functional it is.

- Availability of interfaces for communication with other storage media (data modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

- Resource reading without recharging the battery (several weeks without recharging).

- Reading in any light conditions. For darkness, you should pay attention to the presence of a built-in backlight, the disadvantage of which is that the battery life is reduced. For a bright sunny day, pay attention to the presence of anti-reflective coating.

- Response time for pressing the scroll key.

- The presence of a multilingual interface.

- Protective cover (seemingly unnecessary thing, but having great practicality: protects the display, allows you to comfortably hold the device, eliminates accidental pressing of the control keys).

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