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Posted by John 13/06/2019 0 Comment(s)

Onyx Boox has released their first e-reader of 2019 and it is the Professional edition of the Nova e-reader, which was a big success last year. The big selling points behind this new device is that it has a WACOM screen and has a digital note-taking app, so you can draw, annotate or edit PDF files. It also has a touchscreen for pinching and zooming or swipes and gestures. Now NOVA PRO is available for Israel customers.


There are various 7-inch e-readers on the market that the Nova Pro competes against. This includes the Kobo Forma and the Kindle Oasis 2.  These two devices are running Linux and lock you into their ecosystem. This makes sense for the business as hardware sales are one thing, but the content is where Amazon and Kobo make their real money. Onyx primarily generates all of their revenue through hardware alone, which is why every year they have multiple new e-readers in their portfolio, each generation becoming better than the previous.


I believe the Nova Pro will make sense for people who want a large 7-inch display that has a WACOM screen and a stylus. This is their big advantage over Amazon and Kobo, which are basically just ebook readers. The Note Pro appeals towards professionals who want a replacement for paper or students who want to quickly jot down notes from lectures, without having to spend the type of money as an iPad Mini or Pro would cost.

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