ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C: Multi-functional E-Reader with a Color Screen

The ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C e-reader stands out among the ONYX BOOX product lineup, combining power, functionality, and user comfort. This device is perfect for reading, drawing, note-taking, and many other tasks. Let's delve into why the ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C deserves your attention.

Features of ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C:

1. Screen and Design:

The ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C is equipped with a color E Ink display of the new generation, Kaleido 3. This screen provides not only high image quality but also maximum reading comfort thanks to finely adjustable flicker-free backlight. It also supports two touchscreens - capacitive and inductive, enhancing device control for a more convenient user experience.

2. Stylus and Drawing:

Included with the device is a stylus with support for 4096 levels of pressure, making the ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C an excellent choice for artists and those who enjoy drawing. It's worth noting that color E Ink Kaleido 3 screens can display up to 4096 colors, providing a broad color spectrum for creative work.

3. Performance and Memory:

The ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C is equipped with a powerful 8-core processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz, ensuring fast device responsiveness. The relatively large built-in memory - 4/64 GB - makes the device even more attractive for users. If needed, the memory can be easily expanded using microSD cards up to 2 TB or an external drive via the USB-C port with OTG support.

4. Operating System and Applications:

The Note Air 3 C runs on the Android 12 operating system, adding extra versatility to the device. Users can utilize Google Play to install various applications, making the e-reader a multifunctional device. Additionally, the device comes with useful pre-installed programs such as a drawing and note-taking application, an internet browser, an ONYX cloud service client, and a reading program with an extensive set of tools.


The ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C is not just an e-reader; it's a multifunctional device designed to meet diverse user needs. With its outstanding screen, powerful performance, and diverse features, this e-reader offers an unparalleled reading, drawing, and content interaction experience. If you are seeking a device that combines the advantages of an e-reader and a tablet, the ONYX BOOX Note Air 3 C is the ideal choice.