Onyx Boox E-Readers: Technological Excellence for Comfortable Reading!


In the realm of e-readers, Onyx Boox holds a special place, offering unique technical specifications, the Android operating system, and the innovative Kaleido 3 color screen. Let's delve into why Onyx Boox stands out among its competitors.

Technical Advantages of Onyx Boox

One of the main advantages of Onyx Boox lies in its high technical specifications, making it a sought-after choice among avid readers. Starting with the display, many devices from this brand are equipped with high-resolution E Ink Carta HD screens, ensuring clear and high-quality text display. This technology brings the experience of reading e-books on Onyx Boox devices close to the feel of reading physical books.

However, the true gem is the transition of Onyx Boox to the Kaleido 3 color screen technology. This transformation allows e-readers to display not only black and white text but also colors, making them more versatile for various types of content. Thanks to this innovation, a new level of realism is now available when reading comics, graphic novels, and color images in books.

Another crucial aspect of Onyx Boox's technical superiority is the use of powerful processors and sufficient RAM. This ensures the device's swift performance, quick book loading, and responsive interface.

Android Operating System: Convenience and Versatility

Onyx Boox introduces uniqueness to the world of e-readers by equipping its devices with the Android operating system. This opens up endless possibilities for users, allowing them to install a variety of applications from the Google Play Store. Users can enjoy not only reading but also use their devices for work, learning, video viewing, and other entertainment.

One key advantage of Android on Onyx Boox is the ability to customize the interface according to personal preferences. Users can choose from a myriad of widgets, fonts, and display settings to create the perfect reading environment for themselves.

It's also worth noting that having the Android operating system ensures regular updates and support from developers, enhancing the device's stability and security.

Kaleido 3 Color Screen: A Revolution in Reading

One of Onyx Boox's recent achievements is the integration of the Kaleido 3 color screen technology. This technological solution transforms the perception of e-readers by adding color to the world of black and white text.

Kaleido 3 utilizes advanced technologies to achieve high color saturation and image clarity. This makes Onyx Boox an ideal choice for those who appreciate the visual aspect of content. The new color screen elevates the reading experience, making it more appealing and satisfying.

E Ink Kaleido 3 offers more vibrant colors, 16 levels of gray shades, and 4096 colors, making it "perfect" for e-books. The optimization of the screen structure has increased color saturation by 30% compared to the previous generation called E Ink Kaleido Plus. E Ink Kaleido 3 uses the E Ink Print Color ePaper technology, where an array of color filters (CFA) complements the E Ink Carta black-and-white film, creating a full-color device.

In addition to improved color reproduction, Kaleido 3 employs the new E Ink ComfortGaze front-light technology. It reduces the amount of blue light reflected off the display surface, providing additional comfort during reading. The "Blue Light Reflectance" (BLR) and "Blue Light Toxicity Factor" (BLTF) are reduced by 60% and 24%, respectively, compared to the previous generation of lighting.

The main advantages of Kaleido 3 include not only support for color images but also energy efficiency, allowing the device to last longer without recharging.


Onyx Boox continues to gain popularity due to its technical innovations, user-friendly Android operating system, and the transition to the Kaleido 3 color screen. These e-readers not only provide an excellent reading experience but also expand the possibilities of using the device in everyday life. Thanks to these factors, Onyx Boox rightfully holds a leading position among electronic books.