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Hebrew firmware for ONYX BOOX

1. Currently, the Firmware for the Hebrew language only supports local updates. 

It means users need to download the update package first and update it locally in their device. 

Here come the steps for your reference

- Please ensure enough power for the update (more than 50% battery)

- Download firmware update.upx from the above link

Download Hebrew firmware for POKE2

Download Hebrew firmware for NOVA2

Download Hebrew firmware for NOTE2

Download Hebrew firmware for MAX3

- Connect your device with cable USB to PC and copy the firmware to the root directory of local storage

- Go to Settings > Firmware Update > Check for updates,  then follow the instruction to update your BOOX
When the update is done, the device will restart automatically.

2. The FW for the Hebrew language is showing FW V2.2.2, but actually it contains all the FW function V2.3 (which we published to all users by OTA, but not including the Hebrew language in that version)

So, if you finish updating the Hebrew V 2.2.2 version, the device still could detect the FW V 2.3, automatically, but pls don't upgrade again!

Otherwise, you could not degrade to the Hebrew V 2.2.2, you could only use the standard FW V2.3, and wait for next FW update version