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!!!NEW 2024!!! ONYX BOOX Go 10

ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
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ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Go 10.3" White buy in Israel
!!!NEW 2024!!! ONYX BOOX Go 10
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  • Status:: In Stock
  • Model: boox_go_10
  • Weight: 365.00g
  • Dimensions: 235.00mm x 183.00mm x 4.50mm

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BOOX Go 10.3

Get ideas on the go.


Enjoy Your Adventures

Wherever you're heading, you're good to go with the new Go 10.3.


Live Light, Go Simple


Less space, more possibilities.



Make your trip effortless.


Paper-feel blends in

The notebook strap pattern on the back perfectly merges the charm of paper notes, giving you the feel of using a real notepad, but with more flexibility and digital power.


Simplicity shows out

The dominant greyish white creates a clean look, with no buttons on the front panel and all ports neatly aligned around the bezel. It's simple, just the way life should be.

Soak up the Sun and Stories



See every word clearly.



Carta 1200

Enjoy the content in nostalgic black and white.



Light OFF

No front light, made for sunlight.

Adapt Reading to Your Style

Read any book

Instead of bulky books, opt with the lightweight Go 10.3. You may read whatever you want with the device, which supports 25 digital formats.


Mark freely

When you get an idea, write it down. The tools in the built-in reader app, including the Smart Scribe, allow you to take notes and create annotations on any PDF, EPUB, PPT, and more files.


View in any direction

Let the device follow your move. No matter how you hold the Go 10.3, auto-rotation ensures that the display is always in the correct orientation.


Install Android apps

Your favorite apps are ready to be downloaded directly from the built-in Google Play Store. With the versatile OS, you can enjoy and create content with apps like Libby and OneNote.


Use the dark mode

Customize the built-in NeoReader display by turning on the dark mode for a more flexible and concentrated reading experience.


Jot it Down Even on the Go

Plan your journey with templates

There are numerous templates available on the device that can back up your plans and thoughts. Import your custom templates to make your content even more unique.

Ignite creativity with various art tools

You may vividly capture your inspiration with a variety of brushes and lines. With the Smart Scribe, you can effortlessly create precise shapes and straight lines in seconds.


Put your notes in the right place easily

Using Free Lasso or Smart Lasso, you can select the entire object or just a part of it. With the lasso tool, you can freely move and organize your notes in the way you want.


Share your ideas and connect with others

You can easily upload your notes to the free Onyx Cloud or share them through email and third-party apps, even while you're on the move. Take note of your ideas and let your content inspire more people.


With the Perfect Travel Companions

Magnetic Protective Case

Take notes and read anywhere you go with the new Go 10.3 case. Strong magnets allow the case to be attached to the device and secure it for outside use. And the flap can be detached easily for a lighter trip.


Magnetic Stylus

The Pen Plus is fully functional as soon as it is unpacked, without the need for any pairing or extra power. Writing down your thoughts becomes effortless with its user-friendly design, while its elegant ivory white color perfectly complements the Go 10.3.

Elegance Reimagined from Inside Out

The user interface has been fully updated to go with the new device. Minimal, streamlined, and refreshing. It helps you focus on the here and now.


To Free Mind and Flexible Life

Explore the world with Go 10.3

Technical information
Manufacturer ONYX
Model GO 10
Screen Size 10.3"
Screen resolution 2480 x 1860 (300 ppi) /Regal. Carta1200 glass screen with bezel frame (non-flat)
Front light N/A
Processor Qualcomm 2.4GHz Octa-core
Storage 64GB UFS2.2
Memory extension Yes. microSD / microSDHCYes
OS Android 12
Format supported TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2, FB2.zip, FB3, DOC, DOCX, PRC, MOBI, CHM, EPUB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, DjVu, MP3, WAV, CBR, CBZ
Audio Dynamic/Microphone
Battery 3700 mAh li-on polymer battery
Dimensions 235 × 183 × 4.5 mm
Weight 365 gr
Additional Information
Condition New
Warranty 12 month