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ONYX BOOX Note Air 3

ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
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ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3  buy in Israel
ONYX BOOX Note Air 3
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  • Status:: In Stock
  • Model: boox_note_air_3
  • Weight: 450.00g
  • Dimensions: 226.00mm x 193.00mm x 5.80mm

Introducing the Onyx BOOX Note Air3 Series – a revolutionary paper-like tablet that combines incredible flexibility with an elegant design, all at an unbelievably low price for such a large screen. Whether you prefer the vibrant display of the Color Screen Note Air3 C or the focused Monochrome Screen Note Air3, the possibilities are endless with the power of Android 12 OS and a suite of innovative features tailored for the creative, the flexible, and the open-minded – made just for you.


Unparalleled Design

 Immerse yourself in the classic and sophisticated design of the Note Air3 series. The premium aluminum shell and sleek, paper-thin notebook design provide both delight and focus. The close-to-paper film, thinner glass panel, comfortable wide grip, and solid aluminum case make it an exquisite device that stands out.


Color or Monochrome – Your Choice

 Choose between the vibrant Kaleido 3 color ePaper screen of the Note Air3 C or the focused monochrome paperlike screen of the Note Air3. The Color Screen boasts 300PPI + 150PPI for better colors and 4,096 relaxing hues, while the Monochrome Screen offers extreme black and white focus with a crisp and clear E Ink Carta 1200 at 227PPI.


Master the Magic of Creating

 Empower your creativity with a range of tools for arts and note-taking. From various brushes, lines, and shapes to custom templates, multiple layers, and linking magic, the Note Air3 series tablets are ready to replace your paper notebook and help you generate more ideas in work and study.


Scribble Your Thoughts in a Smart Way

 The latest BOOX firmware on the Note Air3 series changes the way you take notes and read books. Smart Scribe features enable shape perfection, highlight recognition, strikethrough erase, and underline recognition, transforming your handwritten notes into perfect shapes effortlessly.


Enjoy Effortless Reading

 Reading is a breeze with the Note Air3 tablets. Open a variety of digital file formats, effortlessly annotate, share, and search for information. Take advantage of flexible tools like Article Mode and Text-to-Speech (TTS) for easy and focused reading.


Empowered by Upgraded Flexibility

 The Note Air3 series offers upgraded flexibility with features like split-screen functionality, easy file transfer with BOOXDrop, seamless syncing to the cloud, and a flexible Android 12 OS that allows you to download colorful apps from the Google Play Store.


Get Better Ideas without Restraints

 Unlock the device effortlessly with the fingerprint sensor, view the screen from any direction with the gravity sensor, and adjust the front lights for writing, reading, and browsing at any time. The durable battery ensures extended use, and the microSD card slot allows for memory expansion up to 2T.


The Only ePaper Reader and Notebook You'll Ever Need

The Note Air3 series is designed for boundless thinking and creativity in work and life. Whether you're handwriting and sketching or reading, the Note Air3 tablets offer unparalleled features and compatibility.


Exclusive Benefits

Enjoy 10GB free cloud storage, two-way file transfer, access to Google Play Store, regular firmware updates, and more. BOOX is committed to providing free firmware updates for over three years, ensuring an improved experience for every user.

Unlock the potential of your creativity with the Onyx BOOX Note Air3 Series – where innovation meets affordability. Elevate your thinking, embrace flexibility, and make every idea come to life with the Note Air3 series tablet. Experience the future of digital note-taking and reading at a price that defies expectations.

Technical information
Manufacturer ONYX
Model Note Air 3
Screen Size 10.3"
Screen resolution 2480 x 1860 pixel density - 227PPI
Front light MOON Light 2
Processor eight core 2.4 GHz
Memory DDR 4 Gb
Storage 64 Gb
Memory extension microSD / microSDHC
OS Android 12
Format supported TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2, FB2.zip, FB3, DOC, DOCX, PRC, MOBI, CHM, EPUB, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PDF, DjVu, MP3, WAV, CBR, CBZ
Audio Dynamic/Microphone
Battery 3700 mAh li-on polymer battery
Dimensions 226 × 193 × 5.8 mm
Weight 450 gr
Additional Information
Condition New
Warranty 12 month