Positioning and Pricing

The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is a device that formally belongs to the category of e-readers, however, its functionality and capabilities surpass ordinary e-readers or "reading devices". It is a full-fledged tablet with a color E Ink screen that can be used in various fields. It is important to note that this device belongs to the premium class, which is reflected in its price - 2,749 shekels.


The key aspect of devices intended for displaying information is the quality of the screen. The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro uses an E Ink Kaleido 3 matrix with a diagonal of 10.3 inches, which is capable of reproducing 4096 colors and 16 shades of gray. This screen does not flicker or create glare, allowing content to be perceived on it as comfortably as writing on ordinary paper. It is worth noting the SNOW Field (Regal) mode, which significantly reduces the number of artifacts during partial redraws, making reading even more enjoyable. Additionally, the device is equipped with MOON Light 2 backlighting, which allows adjusting the light temperature according to the user's preferences and the time of day, providing comfortable reading even in conditions of insufficient lighting.

Design and Additional Features

An important advantage of the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is the presence of ONYX Glass reinforced glass, which provides protection for the screen against mechanical damage and scratches. Additionally, it comes with a stylus with a correction function for annotations on the display, making the device even more convenient to use. The ergonomic design of the tablet ensures comfortable operation and convenience during use.


The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro features a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor with an octa-core CPU clocked at 2.8 GHz, providing high device performance. The device also has 6GB of RAM and a built-in storage of 128GB, which can be expanded using a microSD card up to 2TB. This provides enough space for storing user files and data. The 4600mAh battery provides long battery life - from 4 to 7 days depending on usage intensity.


The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro operating system is based on Android 12, providing ample opportunities for installing various software. The presence of the Google Play store allows easy downloading and installation of applications without additional complexity, making device usage even more convenient and versatile.

In conclusion, the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is a powerful and versatile device with high screen quality, thoughtful design, and extensive software capabilities, which fully justifies its premium price.

Additional Features

The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro has a range of additional features that make it even more versatile. To connect peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice, headphones, or microphones, both OTG and Bluetooth can be used. This provides convenience in using the device in various scenarios and ensures its compatibility with various accessories.

It is also worth noting the presence of a fingerprint scanner integrated into the device's power button. This increases the level of security and provides quick and convenient unlocking. Additionally, the device has a 16MP camera, which, although not intended for taking photos, can be useful for text recognition on the fly from printed documents, providing users with additional capabilities.

Possible Use Scenarios

Based on all of the above, the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is an ideal tool for work. Its portability, power, and long battery life make it an ideal companion for trips and business trips. By connecting a mouse and keyboard to it, the user can create a stationary workstation anywhere, making the device a versatile tool for work in various conditions.

Although the device is also suitable for entertainment such as gaming or watching videos, its primary purpose is related to work. The ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is ideal for working with tables and large data sets, where its high screen quality and software capabilities make work more comfortable and productive.

Design and "Purely Book Features"

The stylish design of the device deserves a separate mention. The slim and sturdy cold metal body gives it a solid appearance. The absence of curves makes it more "grippable", and the polished surface is pleasant to the touch. However, it is worth noting that the body quickly collects fingerprints, so it is recommended to use the branded magnetic cover for additional device protection.

It is important to note that the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro fully supports traditional book features such as support for various file formats, dictionaries in different languages, and text-to-speech functionality, making it an ideal tool for reading.


The price of the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro, which is nearly 2,749 shekels, may seem quite high, however, it is fully justified by its functionality and capabilities. The device has no direct competitors in its class thanks to its unique combination of characteristics and capabilities.

It is recommended for purchase by those who often travel and need a powerful and versatile tool for work. It is also suitable for those who work with large data sets and need a comfortable and efficient way to process them. Overall, the ONYX BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro is an ideal choice for those who value quality and functionality in one device.